Carved Candles.

One thing that I really love is candles I have tons of them to the point hubby tells me all the time not to buy anymore especially since some of them I love so much I will not burn,But there is one type of candle that I had never gotten and I have loved the look of them since I saw a video of some being made on YouTube.

Carved candles I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them,I started looking at companies that made these in the UK and came across the lovely Carved Candles UK who very kindly offered to send me one of Their candles to review.

The other day I got a lovely package in the post,

 So I had to use a different camera to my normal one so the pics are not great but here is a much much better picture off the website.

This one is called Multicolored madness Featuring Purple, White, Pink and Yellow wax; with Yellow Rose shaped decorations.

It is truly stunning it really stands out and is very well made,This one comes in 3 sizes,Short,Medium and Tall.price starts from £10 for the short one which is really not bad considering how beautiful they are.

And you can count on this never being lit and that I will be getting more..Que hubby rolling his eyes lol.Even he could not deny that this is stunning and looks really good up on the shelf.

Let me show you a few more that I love from Their website.

The first one is amazing it is an owl which comes in 2 styles.Named The Hoo

Brown- £35

White- £25

I think the brown one is my favorite I love the little added extras at the bottom including the hedgehog.

Another one that really makes a statement is the monochrome-starts from £10 and again comes in 3 different sizes. Black and white wax with grey rose shaped decorations.

Let me show you one last one called Beechwood Fire,Featuring Black, Red, Orange, Yellow and White wax; with Clear Gem shaped decorations.
So if you are looking for a stunning candles for weddings or just for your home head to Carved Candles UK and check them out,great prices and also shipped fast and perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap so you can be sure that your candle will get to you in perfect condition.

Please note if you are wanting more than what is in stock you will have to allow 4-5 weeks for the candle to get to you so make sure you order in good time before your event.


Happy Friday!!

Hope you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the bank holiday :).

I am spending sometime trying to get back in to doing competitions and finding coupons etc.

Hopefully it will be a nice and hot weekend so we can head off to the beach with the kids and have a BBQ oh how I have missed the summer BBQs although I have made sure we are stocked up on citronella candles for the garden and fly paper nothing worse than the bugs spoiling your outside time.

Enjoys your bank holiday everyone.

January Wins!!

So I told you that I would let you know a few of my wins from this year so I will start with a few from January.

1st-- 2X Books from GoodReads

2nd--1 book from GoodReads

5th-- 1 book from Goodreads

6th-- Starwars popcorn from Tommy Tucker--Twitter The kids loved this and it was gone really quick.

8th--HypnoGlasses from Hendricks gin--Twitter

--Beefit deluxe package Biltong and T-shirt---Twitter

9th--Glitter Galss and Bottle--Facebook

10th--Chicargo own pizza voucher

12th--Case of Pembroke Water--Twitter

--Hamper of Fentimans Drinks--Twitter

--Box set of Sherlock season 1-2--Twitter

13th--Signed book from good dog guide--Web

--Cadbury hamper--Twitter


14th--book about Britain in 2016--Twitter

--Mickey Finn Bottle and Tee--Twitter

16th--Krispy Kreme Doughnuts--Facebook

17th--Good Reads book

18th--Groot PJ For my son--Twitter



--Bottle of ale for hubby--Twitter

19th--Signed book from goodreads
--A mug

20th--snoopy prize--Web

--Proof copy book--Twitter

--Burts chips case-Twitter


--2 Books--Twitter


--signed book--Twitter


--Book from goodreads
--Inflatable boost can--Twitter


--Antique gold french bulldog ring--twitter


--Kale tote bag--Twitter
--Korean cook book --Twitter


--£15 Debenhams gift card--Twitter


--Book win--Twitter


--Melo Melon drinks--Twitter
--Pom bear prize--Twitter


--Goodreads book
 --Case of craft beef and cider--Twitter

And that is January list done I will update you with feburary Etc asap I took some months off and I am now trying to get back in to the competitions so will keep you all updated on that :)

Tips for keeping your child healthy in the first 1,000 days!!

 To coincide with Digestive Health Month (May) and World Digestive Health Day (May 29th), I have some great information that I wanted to share with you all.

The words ‘nutrition’ and ‘fun’ haven’t always traditionally appeared together, but making healthy eating exciting is just one small action that could have a big impact on you and your family.
Ensuring that the right things are going into your children doesn’t have to be a mundane task, and using these tips is just the start of a positive and healthier lifestyle:

 Pregnant Women
·         What you put in is what you get out (literally) – The risk of being overweight or obese starts before a baby is even born. Pregnant women who consume unhealthy foods containing excess amounts of sugar and fat are more likely to have overweight children and develop associated health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy lowers this risk, and creates a healthier start for your baby and a healthier life for you.

Sugar Swap    

·         Swapping sugary snacks for ones that are lower in sugar - Swapping to a healthier option, such as water, or fresh juice instead of sugary drinks can make a huge difference to children’s calorie intake. Not just that, but it’s also better for their teeth.

Breast Milk

·        Providing your baby with breast milk will give them the best source of nutrients and help to reduce the risk of infection, digestive diseases and obesity but if breast feeding is not possible then using a low protein formula milk is the best alternative. Healthy nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, including breast milk or low protein formula milk and foods low in sugar will help protect your health, your children and future generations.

·         Snack check - Many snacks are full of things that aren’t necessarily good for us – sugar, salt, fat and calories. So try and keep a careful eye on how many snacks the kids are having. Try and keep count of how many sweets, crisps, and biscuits are being consumed. Keeping count means you’re more likely to cut down – which is good for your kids and for your pocket too.

Please check out this short video and share with your friends and family.Please also use this #DigestiveHealthMonth  when sharing on social media.


Have any early childhood nutrition tips? Any health anecdotes from your own personal past? Feel free to share those along with these tips: #DigestiveHealthMonth @my_ueg

When Your Husband Keeps Getting Asked For Selfies.

So here is the thing,It seems that lately every time we go out young lads come up to my hubby and ask him for selfies which I and the kids find quite funny and the kids are calling him a superstar lol.

In case most of you do not know my husband is black and where we live he is literally the only black man around so he stands out.These young lads are all respectful Although one group wanted me to get in on the selfie I said no thanks,(I hate my pic taken).

As long as the girls do not start asking him for selfies I am fine lol.

Time for a new hairstyle.

Well a while back I had my hair done and loved it but ow it is time to choose again and I really have no idea what I want to do this time.

In case you did not see on my Twitter here is a couple of pictures of the hair that I had.

So now I need something Brighter and that stands out, I had so many people commenting on my hair that wanted the same.

I will update when I have decided n the new style and colour.

Monday Music.

So we have not done the music posts for a while so here is one that our kids love and are constantly playing :).

 Ranti--- Iwe Kiko.

Have a great week everyone and I hope the weather is great where you are.