Happy Hallween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Hope you all have a great time and stay safe and warm while out Trick Or Treating with your kids,we will be taking ours out not that they need any more sweets they have so many already I think they have enough for this year and next lol.

Once kiddies are in bed hubs and I are having a horror movie marathon which will mean I will be spending most of the night behind the sofa with the dogs lol.

I was going to say I am glad it is not Friday the 13th but its the 31st so its the same just the other way round.

Anyway have fun.

Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall #Review.

We were sent the Lite Brix Sunset Mall from Character-Online to review with madam.

She was really happy when it turned up and at first I think she was a bit overwhelmed with all the bits.
She soon got over it and decided to make a start on putting it together,thanks to the detailed instructions she figured out the colours in the book to the different colour pieces.

#DesignaFriend Twitter Party 12TH November 4pm-6pm!

Hi Everyone,Some more exciting news on the 12th November we will be hosting a #DesignaFriend Twitter party 4pm-6pm.

 I hope you will take the time to join in the fun with us and some other lovely bloggers and of course as always there will be prizes to be won please make sure you use the #DesignaFriend hashtag and also follow @kayadeola & @UKMumstv 

We will be sent a box packed full of goodies before the party and I will share with you what is inside as soon as it arrives.

I look forward to seeing you all there. 

#DoraAndFriends Twitter Party Whats In The Box!

As you all know by now we are hosting a #DoraAndFriends twitter party Monday 3rd of November at 4pm-6pm.

Yesterday our box arrived and it was packed full of goodies.

Introducing Savvy Spreads!

OK let me let you all in on a secret....Did you know there is a Chocolate spread that is good for you...Yes you read it right.

Firstly let me tell you Savvy Spreads is a great company that won me over from the first time I tasted one of Their products see Their chocolate spreads contain Carob syrup which has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years the Romans loved it.

#DoraAndFriends Twitter Party Monday 3rd November 4pm-6pm!

We have just had some great news we are going to be hosting a Dora and Friends Twitter Party on Monday  3rd November 4pm till 6pm with some other lovely blogger to coincide with the new Dora and Friends TV Show that starts next week on Nick JR.

Little madam is a big fan of Dora and so this is going to go down very well with her.

We are being sent a lovely box of goodies for little madam and her friends to have some fun and enjoy the show we will be having lots of tasty snacks, playing games,watching the show and much much more so I really do hope you will join us over on Twitter and use the Hash tag #DoraAndFriends where as always you will have a change to win great prizes.

I will show you what is in our party box once it arrives.

Make sure you Join
 And some other lovely bloggers.

Music Monday-Tuesday Tunes!

Morning everyone I missed yesterdays Music Monday so I am going to put it up today,

 ADELE - 'Make You Feel My Love'

I have not had time to do anything this week already and I also have a lot coming up a couple of lovely reviews for you this week from SAVVY SPREADS that taste so good

Also a great toy for Christmas Lite Brix sunset Mall.

We are also heading to Pizza Express tomorrow to try Their new menu Hubs and I first time out alone together for a while can not wait for that.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.